The Nechakoh River


The Nechakoh River

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This book examines the past present, and future of net?a koh — the ‘big river’ (Nechakoh River), and “place where all our stories begin” through the voices of the FIrst Nations who inhabited the watershed since time immemorial.

This book completes the BCIT Rivers Institute’s trilogy of books and companion documentary films on the Fraser River. The first two books and documentaries covered the gravel reach of the Fraser River, from Mission to Hope, known as “The Heart of The Fraser” and the estuary, known as “The Soul of the Fraser”.

It includes the unique perspectives of fisheries biologists who were intimately involved in the Kemano Completion Project, participated in the secretive 1987 Settlement Agreement negotiations, provided testimony in the exhaustive British Columbia Utilities Commission hearings on KCP in 1994, and served on the confidential 195-96 post-KCP Technical Team.

Further insights come from contemporary First Nations voices and fisheries scientists and biologists who continue o search for socially equitable and environmentally sustainable solutions to arguably the most complex fish-water-energy-industry Gordian Knot in the history of British Columbia.

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