Semá:th Xo:tsa: Great Gramma’s Lake

For milennia, Semá:th Xo:tsa (Sumas Lake) flourished between the Sumas and Vedder mountains in the unceded territory of the Stó:lō people. Between 1919 and 1924, settlers lobbied the government to drain the lake, disregarding the devastating impact on indigenous communities.

From June 29th to September 2nd, witness the beauty of Semá:th Xo:tsa through illustrations of the children’s book published by The Reach Gallery Museum.

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Installation view of Semá:th Xo:tsa: Sts'ólemeqwelh Sx̱ó:tsa/Great Gramma’s Lake, 2020, The Reach Gallery Museum. Photo credit: Rachel Topham Photography

*Click* Photos of the Fraser 2022

For the twelfth year of this annual photography competition, the FRDC partnered the New Westminster Photography Club to capture this year’s theme of “Sensational!. The Fraser River is a river of extremes; powerful yet fragile, immense but personal, crystalline to murky. Visit the lobby of the FRDC to experience the vastness of these sensations through the lens of local photographers.