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All our place-based, interactive, hands-on programs are designed to encourage students of all ages to feel connected to the Fraser River. Our team of fantastic, knowledgeable school program volunteers are ready to make your trip to the Discovery Centre an interactive and memorable experience. See you soon!

All of our River School programs are designed in conjunction with the new B.C. Curriculum and can be booked here.

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Pre-Visit and Post-Visit Activities

Our pre and post visit activity packages align directly with the River School program you have booked, and are free to use. Educators can download the package and work with students prior to the field trip, helping introduce them to the important Fraser River topics. During your visit, students will be encouraged to share their current knowledge with our leaders, engaging in discussion and using critical thinking methods to analyse the subject. Our post visit activities offer students a chance to re-purpose what they learned at the Fraser River Discovery Centre, keeping students inquisitive and interested. Pre-visit and post-visit activities encourage links between classroom content and field trips, reinforcing knowledge and emphasizing its importance.

  • Click here for the From Pollution to Solution Pre and Post-Visit Package
  • Click here for the Trading Trail Pre and Post-Visit Package
  • Click here for the Our Bones are Made of Salmon Pre and Post-Visit Package
  • Click here for the Living Dinosaurs Pre and Post-Visit Package
  • Click here for the Taking the Pulse of the Fraser Pre and Post-Visit Package

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Click here to see how our River School programs are directly linked to BC’s new curriculum.