We currently have two online resources that are FREE for educators of all kinds to access, bringing the FRDC across the whole of the Fraser River Basin, and the world!


Help students discover the Fraser River through creative, hands-on activities designed with British Columbia’s school curriculum in mind. Lesson plans, activities and background information related to the ecosystems, cultures and industries connected to the Fraser River.

My River My Home includes:

  • 25 lesson plans and background information for educators
  • Challenges students to see the Fraser River holistically, exploring concepts of environmental, cultural and economic sustainability through creative activities, writing prompts and hands-on activities
  • Five sections that can be explored independently or used to create an inquiry unit about the Fraser River: Connect, Develop Knowledge and Explore Sustainability, Investigate Water Quality, Putting the Fraser on the Global Map, and What’s Next
  • For suggestions on how to use or modify an activity in the kit please contact

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Our new FRDC blog connects exploring of the Fraser River to a wide audience of people who love to learn in different ways. Join us as we share fun crafts, activities, and fascinating Fraser facts!

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