Bats of British Columbia


Bats of British Columbia

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Bats live on every continent except Antarctica and in virtually every type of habitat, from desert to forest. With more than 1,400 species worldwide, bats fill important ecological roles around the globe by controlling insect populations, pollinating plants, dispersing seeds and even providing humans with medicines–the saliva of the famous vampire bat can be used to treat strokes! Yet despite their importance to the planet’s ecosystems, there remains more misinformation than fact and more fear than respect for these diminutive guardians of the night.

Since 1993, when the first edition of “Bats of British Columbia” was published, an explosion in field studies of the province’s bat fauna has produced a wealth of new knowledge, applying modern tools such as genetic techniques and acoustic bat detectors. This fully updated second edition includes new colour photographs throughout, with new material on acoustic identification. With in-depth information on biology, conservation, ecology and identification of the 18 bat species found in the province, the new Bats of British Columbia will help create an appreciation of this fascinating group of mammals.


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