First Nations Plush Longhouse


First Nations Plush Longhouse

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This longhouse plush is designed by Tsimshian/Tlingit artist Bill Helin and works well to house smaller finger puppets.

For many Indigenous communities, wood longhouses have historically been, and still are, important places for ceremonies, meetings and gatherings. This longhouse is embroidered with Northwest Coast formline designs, and pairs perfectly with Bill Helin’s finger puppets or any other animal friends. Thanks to its exterior handle, detachable roof and stuffy-sized doors, it can also be used to store and carry favourite toys.

Bill Helin (Welaaxam Yout) was born in the Northwest Coast community of Prince Rupert, BC. Growing up, Bill spent countless hours listening to his grandmother as she taught him the many legends and songs of the Tsimshian people. Through his books and plush toys, he has captured the essence of these legends and helped introduce his cultures to a new generation of learners.

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