The Founding Patrons Fund of $1 million was established to realize the completion of the Fraser River Discovery Centre. Ten Founding Patrons have each committed $100 000 to the Fund.

Ken and Dorothy Mackenzie

For more than 45 years, Ken and Dorothy Mackenzie and their family have played a leading role in the towing industry along the Fraser through their involvement with Harken Towing. The Mackenzie family has earned the respect of their customers, associates, friends and the community for their hard work, good service and generous support of community needs. The Mackenzies were inducted into the Fraser River Hall of Fame in 1993.

Errol Wintemute

Errol Wintemute was the chairman of Delta Cedar Products and was in the lumber business for 65 years. He started out in 1934 with Westminster Shook Mills (later a part of Powell River Company) later branching out on his own and eventually establishing the successful Delta Cedar and Sunbury Cedar plants. He remained active in the daily affairs of the company well into his eighties. Mr. Wintemute was inducted to the Fraser River Hall of Fame in 1999.

Norman and Mary Cosulich / Niki Cosulich Fairweather

Norman Cosulich and his brother Cecil (Niki Cosulich Fairweather’s father) could be said to have river in their veins. They pioneered marine transportation on the upper Fraser through the family company Rivtow and expanded operations until the distinctive Rivtow tugs became a welcome and well-respected sight not only on the river, but also along the entire Pacific Coast. In 2000, Rivtow was acquired by Smit International.

McDonald Family: Ian, Steve, and David McDonald

For three generations the McDonald family has been associated with the lumber business in British Columbia. In the early 1900s Mr. J.H. McDonald and his partner purchased the BC Manufacturing Company followed by the acquisition of Westminster Shook Mills. These mills were later sold to Powell River Company. It was then that the succeeding McDonald generation build McDonald Cedar Products in Fort Langley on the Fraser River. In 1977, McDonald Cedar Products was acquired by Interfor.

The Stewart Family

In 1963, Chick and Marilyn Stewart with partner Vic Rempel, purchased a sawmill on the banks of the Fraser at Port Kells and S & R Sawmills was born. The river provided the avenue for the tugs to bring the log booms to the mill. The Stewarts are also proud owners of Babine Steelhead Lodge and Northview Golf and Country Club in Surrey. Wanting to give back to their community, Marilyn and Chick have supported many causes and charities over the years. The Stewarts were inducted into the Fraser River Hall of Fame in 2003.

Robert Osborne

Bob Osborne (1910 – 2004) was rightfully called “Mr. Propeller of British Columbia”. He served the marine industry for over 50 years providing ship propeller designs and solving problems of vibration and other aspects of ship propulsion for all sizes of vessels. At the age of 92, he was still found to be at work at Osborne Propellers Ltd., his remarkable achievements in his field continuing throughout his Golden Years.

Rudy North

Rudy North, President of North Growth Management Ltd. and one of the founding members of Phillips, Hagar and North Investment Management Ltd. Mr. North is passionate about the Fraser River and involved in several conservation activities with the Fraser River Basin, Nature Trust and Vancouver Aquarium. He is a very generous philanthropist towards organizations that support conservation efforts.

Lucille Johnstone

Lucille Johnstone was the founder and driving force behind several entrepreneurial ventures. Her passion for the Fraser River helped realize the Fraser River Discovery Centre. Lucille’s bequest made her a Founding Patron, helping to ensure that the dream she shared with many others became a reality.

Koerner Foundation

Principals in this foundation have personal ties to BC’s forestry and lumber business, the Fraser River and Ecotrust, an organization that supports conservation economy along North America’s rain forest coast.

Peter Bentley

Peter J.G. Bentley is Chairman and a Director for Canfor Corporation and a Director of its principle subsidiary, Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Mr. Bentley, his family, and Canfor Corporation have been recognized for their legacy of hard work and accomplishments along the Mighty Fraser. Mr. Bentley was inducted into the Fraser River Hall of Fame in 2004.