Since time immemorial, the Fraser River basin has shaped the lives of those who inhabit the river basin. From the Rocky Mountains to the Salish Sea, the Fraser Watershed is home to almost three million people, each with a unique view of the river.

The Fraser Estuary highlights the findings of artist Dámarys Sepúlveda as she began daily walks along the Fraser River at the beginning of the pandemic. As her relationship with the river deepened, Dámarys began researching the current state of the mighty Fraser and found it to be surprisingly fragile. Experience this tension through block prints and sculpture as Dámarys evokes the underwater world in our midst.

Dámarys has also created two salmon block prints for you to represent your own memory of the Fraser River.

You can enjoy The Fraser Estuary until November 2022.

Eelgrass over Rocks


Block Print

12″ x 12″