“We are proud to support the FRDC because of their work to connect with local communities, to teach about and celebrate the living, working Fraser River.”

– Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

Champions of the Fraser

The Fraser River is the economic engine of British Columbia, contributing over $4 billion in GDP each year – more than the St. Lawrence Seaway! The FRDC recognizes that importance through our Journey Through the Working River exhibit, RiverSchool programs – such as Fraser River Trade Brigade – that attract over 3500 students a year, and public engagement programs like the Fraser River Dialogues that have engaged hundreds of citizens on such issues as emergency planning and industrial land use.

Your donation of $5000 or more can help:

  • Develop and put on our next RiverSchool program, which will cost upwards of $75,000; and
  • Add to Journey Through the Working River and other exhibits, which can take years to make and over $100,000 to complete.

The living, working Fraser River provides us with many of the products we rely on every day…help us ensure people never forget how it makes our lives better!

If you want to become a Champion of the Fraser, just click here…and thank you for helping!