1991 Charles Pretty
1992 Col. W. E. (Bill) McKinney
1993 Ken & Dorothy Mackenzie
1994 Ed & Juanita Safarik
1995 Jack Bell
1996 Wendy Grant
1998 The Fraser Port Authority
1999 Errol Wintemute
2000 Lucille Johnstone
2001 William (Bill) Gillis
2002 Ladner Family
2003 Chick & Marilyn Stewart
2004 Peter J.G. Bentley
2005 Russ Cooper & Cooper Family
2006 Fraser River Pile & Dredge Ltd.
2007 Bill Sauder
2008 Fraser Basin Council
2009 Fraser River Community
2010 Forrest Marine, Ltd.
2011 Fraser River Raft Expeditions
2012 Fraser Surrey Docks
2013 Michael Owen
2014 Mark Angelo
2016 City of New Westminster
2017 Gulf of Georgia Cannery
2018 Dr. Brian Riddell
2019 Pacific Custom Log Sorting Inc.


Honouring Your Contributions

In 1991, The Fraser River Discovery Society established the Fraser River Hall of Fame to recognize and honour the many individuals, families, businesses and organizations who have made noteworthy contributions to the Fraser River’s culture, people, industry and environment.

Whether through community leadership, business, economic development, labour, industry, volunteer service, research, culture, or the arts, the achievements of the inductees to our Fraser River Hall of Fame have made a significant contribution to the health and sustainability of the Fraser River.

Each year, the Hall of Fame nominee is celebrated at the Annual Fraser River Hall of Fame Gala, held in the spring at the Fraser River Discovery Centre.