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Taking place on the last Saturday of every month, Super Saturdays is a series of public programs geared towards family friendly activities that explore different features of the Fraser River, from its booming economy to its diverse ecosystem.


Previous programs include a deep dive into the Fraser’s powerful tugboats, the secret lives of the river’s ‘ghostly’ White sturgeon, and the opportunity to make your very own fishy friends using simple craft supplies! Check below to see upcoming events. We can’t wait to connect with you!

Saturday, November 28: Sturgeon Discovery!

Discover the underwater lives of the Fraser River’s white sturgeon!

Did you know that the longest river in BC is also home to the largest freshwater fish in North America? That’s right, we’re talking about the famous white sturgeon! We may not see them very often, but these giants – some of which can grow to be over 6 metres long – are at the top of the river’s food chain and have survived unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs!

We love celebrating our famous fishy friends at the FRDC, and on Saturday, November 28th, that’s exactly what we’re going to do! Discover more about these ‘ghosts of the Fraser’ in this month’s Super Saturday as we learn some fascinating facts about white sturgeon, get up close and personal with some real specimen jars, and create your very own fishy souvenir keyring!

All ages welcome!

Registration includes paid admission to the Centre. Covid-19 safety protocols are in effect, so please pre-register here:


WHEN: Saturday. November 28th, 10AM – 4PM

WHERE: Fraser River Discovery Centre’s Program Room, just to the right of the reception desk


  • Learn how the sturgeon’s unique anatomy helps it survive its murky underwater home, and why they are important to the ecological health of the Fraser River
  • Discover the stages of a young sturgeon’s life-cycle from egg to one year old with real specimens in jars!
  • Craft your very own fish keyring souvenir using simple crafting materials!
  • Try your hand at our colouring station and personalize your very own sturgeon colouring sheet!


  • 45 minute time-slots available throughout the day from 10AM – 4PM. Pre-registration is required
  • Pre-registered group size is limited to five (5) maximum
  • While visiting the Centre, all groups are asked to remain at least 2 metres apart from other groups whenever possible
  • Protective facemasks are required for entry into the building. Exceptions will be made for medical reasons