“With the Fraser River on our “doorstep” we believe it needs a voice to be heard and understood. That’s why we donate annually to the Fraser River Discovery Centre, the Voice of the Fraser.”

– Allen and Sharon Domaas

Stewards of the Fraser

The FRDC uses the three powerful pillars of sustainability – the economic, environmental and socio-cultural aspects of the Fraser River – to guide all planning and operations. Examples include our Fraser River Dialogue series – which has hosted discussions with over 300 citizens on such important issues as wild salmon, emergency response, flood management and land use – and the new BioDiversity Speaker series involving professors from local universities.

Your donation of $1000 – $4999 could help us:

  • Identify speakers and put on up to 4 Fraser River Dialogues that could attract more than 400 people next year to discuss topics like First Nations reconciliation and Fraser River LNG; and
  • Work with universities and sustainability groups to find subjects and locations along the Fraser River for up to 4 more BioDiversity Speaker “walk and talk” sessions

A sustainable Fraser River is a key to our future…help us ensure that everyone understands how to make that happen!

If you want to become a Steward of the Fraser, just click here…and thank you for helping!