Boundary Bay BioDiversity

Boundary Bay Regional Park is one of only three areas of coastal sand ecosystems in the Fraser Lowland and is regionally important for plants, invertebrates, birds, and other species associated with these ecosystems. It includes three provincially rare ecological communities and historical habitat for the endangered Streaked Horned Lark and Coastal Vesper Sparrow.  Come learn how the last ice age set the foundation for the evolution of these sparsely vegetated communities and what needs to be done to conserve the biodiversity contained within them.  


Markus Merkens, a Regional Parks Biologist for Metro Vancouver, will provide a glimpse of these ecosystems of conservation concern and other vegetation communities as he leads you on a tour of Boundary Bay Regional Park. 


The event is on Saturday, September 14 from 1 - 230 pm. Tickets can be purchased by clicking on or by calling 604-521-8401.  


Presented by: The Sitka Foundation