“We encourage the many families and businesses like ours that have lived, worked and fished the Fraser River for generations, to donate like we do to the Fraser River Discovery Centre so that it can display and put Voice to our River Heritage”

– Forrest Marine Ltd.

Leaders of the Fraser

For many people and families, the Fraser has been more than our mightiest river – it has helped build families and whole communities. Continuing to celebrate and educate others – through events like RiverFest, the Fraser River Hall of Fame, and our Faces of the Fraser speakers’ program – helps ensure the social legacy of the living, working Fraser will never be forgotten.

Your donation of $500 – $999 could help us:

  • Plan for and put on our annual Fraser River Hall of Fame Gala, during which a person, company or organization dedicated to the Fraser is inducted into the Hall of Fame;
  • Fund our annual RiverFest, which attracts up to 10,000 people each year; and
  • Identify and support 4 Faces of the Fraser programs each year, where speakers tell their personal stories about living and working on the Fraser River.

Communities are one of the keys to our future…help us protect and promote the Fraser River community and culture for future generations!

If you want to become a Leader of the Fraser, just click here…and thank you for helping!