*CLICK* 2022


Since time immemorial, the Fraser River basin has shaped the lives of those who inhabit the river basin. From the Rocky Mountains to the Salish Sea, the Fraser Watershed is home to almost three million people, each with a unique view of the river 

*Click* Photos of the Fraser brings together a collection of these points of view and invites photographers to submit photographs that capture the work, life, and communities of the river. For the exhibit’s twelfth year, the FRDC is excited to partner the New Westminster Photography Club.

The overall theme for this year is “Sensational!”. The Fraser River is a river of extremes; powerful yet fragile, immense but personal, crystalline to murky. It evokes an equally wide range of senses and experiences. The Fraser River Discovery Centre seeks to deepen the connection between people and the Fraser River; capturing the vastness of sensations one can experience around the Fraser River is a gateway to connection. 

Photos are submitted to one of three categories:

  • The River Wild
  • The River’s People
  • The Working River

A jury drawn from New Westminster’s cultural sector has selected sixteen photographs to be displayed at the FRDC. These include the winning photos for each of the exhibit’s three categories, and the People’s Choice winner, selected by members of the New Westminster Photography Club. 

We hope you enjoy this year’s edition of  *Click* Photos of the Fraser!

People’s Choice Winner

Every year, a single photograph is selected to win the People’s Choice Award.

New Westminster Photography Club members determined that Riverfront Access, by Kate Lewis, was deserving of this honour.

Riverfront Access_Kate Lewis

Winning Entries

Please enjoy the three winners for this year’s exhibit!

The River Wild: Golden Reflections on the Fraser, by Tim Stewart

The River’s People: Riverside Celebration, by Rick Lewis

The Working River: The Route Abroad, by Glenn Marcus

Honourable Mentions

These honourable mentions provide a snapshot of the many ways we experience and interact with the Fraser River.

Thank you to the New Westminster Photography Club for contributing to this year’s exhibit!

Photography rights belong to their respective owners.