Trustees of the Fraser River $500 - $999

You have been successful in your business and life, and regularly contribute back to society. Advocating on behalf of the Fraser and sharing its stories is how we contribute to the River’s communities. Together, we can make sure people know and understand the economic, environmental and social significance of the Mighty Fraser.

By becoming a Trustee, your support can help us raise awareness about the Fraser, showcase its various stakeholders, and facilitate evidence-based dialogues with the public, creating common understanding. Stewards of the Fraser will also have the opportunity to have their name showcased in our galleries.

With your donation of $500 or more, your support will help us:

  • Allow for the development of new RiverSchool programs to help the FRDC follow BC Curriculum changes and continue to make a difference in hands-on, experiential learning
  • Develop edu-kits for teachers in classrooms, so we can take our programs and the Fraser beyond our walls (field trips in a box!) to classrooms as far as the Upper Fraser (Prince George) the mouth of the Lower Fraser (North and West Vancouver)
  • Purchase new materials for our Resource Room which showcase the environmental, cultural, and economic facets of the river.

Furthermore, as a Trustee of the Fraser, you will also play a role in operationalizing the new Journey Through the Working River exhibit. It will tell the economic story of the living, working Fraser River from a triple bottom line perspective. The goal is to personalize the mighty Fraser for everyone who visits, so that they will understand its importance in their lives and can reflect on the opportunities and challenges faced by this iconic resource. This exhibit is not only relevant to British Columbians, but to anyone wanting to understand the Fraser’s intrinsic relationship with our province.

Operationalizing a world-class exhibit like this is expensive, and your support can make sure it happens! Trustees’ contributions will help with:

  • The development and implementation of new BC curriculum-based RiverSchool programs for children in grades k – 9;
  • Promotional materials about the Journey Through the Working River exhibit for public outreach activities at numerous festivals and community events
  • Refresh and reprint of our walking tour boardwalk signs, which are used in our RiverSchool programs and also enjoyed by the public at large.

As a thank you, we offer Trustees of the Fraser:

  • 4 Annual Membership Passes (your choice of Family, Adult, Senior, Student or Child)
  • 4 Admission tickets (your choice of Family, Adult, Senior, Student or Child)
  • Discount on a facility booking or RiverSchool Birthday Party
  • 10 percent off in our gift shop
  • Special recognition on our website and donor wall