The Fraser River Discovery Centre has fun and educational programs for children and adult groups. Please see below for our tour options and how to book.

Guided Programs Information

  • Cost: $5.00 per person, minimum charge $60.00 (+GST). No charge for supervisors.
  • Maximum Group Size: 30 participants per program*
  • Programs are offered at 10:00 am or 12:30 pm, Wednesday through Saturday
  • Programs are 1 to 1.5 hours in length and fully guided
  • Pre-registration is required at least 3 weeks in advance

It's O-Fish-Al! We're Having a Party!

Ages: 3-6 years
Celebrate the Fraser River with George the Sturgeon and the Discovery Centre! Your group will have a blast learning about the Fraser through a fun puppet show and fish-themed crafts and games.

Sturgeon Tales

Ages: 4-12 years | ESL
Get up close and personal with the Fraser River white sturgeon! Through hands-on activities and games, children will learn about the habitat, life cycle, anatomy, and conservation issues of this unique and endangered fish. Kids ages 4-7 will discover the life of these elusive animals through real life specimens, the sturgeon survival game, and a fun felt storyboard. Kids ages 8-12 will explore the anatomy, life cycle, and conservation of the white sturgeon.

Discovery Zone Adventure

Ages: 5-12 years
Prepare to discover the Fraser River! This fun, educational tour of our Discovery Zone exhibit encourages children to explore the environment, history, and wildlife of the Fraser through games and hands-on activities.

Inspired by the River

Ages: 5-12 years
Through visual and dramatic arts, participants become inspired by the Fraser River, collaborate to create a river mural, and use drama and play to explore their personal connections to the Fraser.

Adventures in Archaeology

Ages: 7-12 years
Discover the fascinating history of the Fraser River! In this exciting, hands-on program, children will dig for artifacts, solve archaeological clues, play historical games, and uncover the location of the hidden treasure!

ESL Exhibit Tour

Ages: Youth/Adult
In this fully guided tour, participants will improve their vocabulary and learn about the ecological, economic, and cultural importance of the Fraser River through highly visual exhibits and interactive activities.
Choose from one of the following ESL Exhibit Tour Themes:
  • Sturgeon Tales – Learn about the survival needs of white sturgeon with a special focus on evaluating human impacts on the environment. The program includes hands-on stations about sturgeon life cycle and anatomy.
  • The Trading Trail - Explore the economic and technological exchanges between Aboriginal people and fur traders and become archaeologists as they dig for artifacts that represent key events in the development of BC.
  • From Pollution to Solution - Discover sources of water pollution by “polluting” a model of the Lower Mainland to determine the environmental impact of personal choices.
  • Our Bones Are Made of Salmon – Learn about Aboriginal people’s connections to the environment by comparing traditional salmon fishing tools, and learn how Aboriginal people preserve their culture from two local elders who share oral histories through a storytelling film.

  • Sustainability Tour

    Ages Youth/Adult
    Participants learn about Aboriginal fishing methods, water quality, industry, and non-point source pollution to explore the complexities of sustainability from ecological, cultural, and economic perspectives.

    *Groups of over 30 participants will be accommodated in two sessions. While one group enjoys their Discovery Centre program, the other can take a stroll along the boardwalk or book a guided tour with one of these great nearby destinations (please click on the organization name for further information):

    Paddlewheeler Riverboat Tours

    Samson V Paddlewheeler

    New Westminster Museum and Archives

    Vancouver Circus School