Faces of the Fraser: Sandy McKellar, Floating Home Association of BC

Learn about what its like to actually live on the Fraser River!

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to live on the Fraser River? Well, now you can find out…

Kelly McCloskey and Sandy McKellar of the Floating Home Association of BC will share their first-hand stories of life on the river! Along the Fraser River there are about 300 floating homes. Draped in and aura of magic, they are part of the fabric of British Columbia’s history. The lifestyle is a unique alternative to crowded city spaces—connecting residents with the natural environment around them. Imagine a home where water reflections dance on the ceiling, lamps sway gently with the waves, and windows open to ever changing scenery. Multicoloured like a gypsy caravan, accented by eclectic décor, and blending with the natural environment, floating homes portray a romantic and free-spirited lifestyle. Join professional story tellers, Kelly and Sandy as they take you on a floating journey, with pictures, videos and interesting facts and figures.


The session will include stories, pictures and interesting facts and figures. It will be followed by a Q&A session with light refreshments. Event attendance is free with admission to the centre, and payment can be made on the day but pre-registration is appreciated.

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