Thank you for your interest in attending RiverFest 2018 as an exhibitor. Every year, RiverFest welcomes about 15 governmental and non-profit organizations to the waterfront to showcase their organization’s mandate and provide interactive programming to festival goers, as part of our Exhibitor Expo.

RiverFest is a fantastic festival to showcase your organization, with average attendance between 2014 and 2017 totalling about 10,000 total visitors per year. In 2018, the 16th edition of RiverFest will expand once more and we invite you to be involved in one of Metro Vancouver’s biggest celebration of the Fraser River.

Exhibitors provide programming related to the Fraser River, its regions and people. Organizations that attend RiverFest are diverse in scope, and range from water-related entities, conservation and sustainability groups, to museums and historical societies. Each of these organizations’ mandates and programming embody one or more of the FRDC’s three pillars: the environmental, social and economic importance of the Fraser and its regions.

Interest in exhibiting at RiverFest, simply click on the "Exhibitor Criteria" button on the left.

Artists and Artisans

For this year’s Artisan Market we will be partnering up with New West Craft. You’ll find handcrafted jewellery, one-of-a-kind pottery, and hand-made body products by local artisans who have been inspired by the Fraser River. If you’re interested in participating as an artisan at RiverFest, please click here.